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The Haiti Mission Trip

Upon Acceptance of your application it is important to know you are a missionary. This means everyday you will need to be living as a missionary - A life leading people to Christ.

Preparation will start right after acceptance. It is important to attend all meetings and do the fundraising. We will work on your spirituality, Language skills, and more.

This trip will be uncomfortable but very rewarding. You need to know who you are and the things that upset or bother you. It is important to know your strengths and weakness' and be honest to yourself and the team.

There is no access to cell phone service, Limited access to electricity (maybe 5hours a day), No hot water, sometimes no running water, No air conditioning. We will live and eat like the community we serve.

The dates are May 29th to June 6th, 2019. Only 8 slots are open and we will prayerful discern who is on team.