Volunteer - For Acts of Mercy

Remember you will need 30 the Acts of Mercy and 10 of those need to be within the mass

Acts of Mercy – That Count towards your 10 Liturgical Hours

Knights of the Altar


At an important time in Jesus’ public ministry, he accepted the services of a young boy, who provided five loaves and two fishes for the miracle with which Jesus launched his teaching on the Eucharist. The Sacred Writers do not tell us the name of the boy, but only his act of service.

Similarly, Altar Servers perform a great deed of service. They occupy a special place on the sanctuary, and play a vital role in assisting the priests to ensure that the congregation celebrates the Mass in the most prayerful way possible. The role of the Altar Servers is not just about ensuring that liturgical procedures are done right, but also about helping others encounter Christ through their service.

Altar Servers at St. Thomas Aquinas are called Knights of the Altar. In use of the term knight, Servers have a duty to serve with reverence, and to be Christ to others in their daily lives.

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